DLCChecDanceProject Inspire thrives from the support of people like you. We truly appreciate every dollar, follower, and hour of time that you can give. If you’re new to supporting us, here are a few ways you can help. You can:

-Donate to operations costs and programs, which include scholarships for youth

-Shop at Amazon Smile, and a donation will be made to Project Inspire

-Volunteer your services to the organization

-Request for us to come and facilitate a performing arts, cultural empowerment or college/career preparation session for your students ages 25 and under

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Project Inspire is a 501(c)(3) where 100% of your gift is tax deductible.

Every year, Project Inspire offers book scholarships to students to help with their transition to college. The organization offers its Youth, Education, Empowerment and the Arts program to hundreds of youth annually. And our virtual professional development program serves young adults across the country. Your financial support would support these programs as well as office space, licenses, insurances and fees the organization incurs.
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Project Inspire


We are regularly in need of individuals who can provide a number of services including:

  • Accounting services
  • Youth facilitation
  • Motivational speaking
  • Etiquette teaching
  • Visual and performing arts teaching
  • Social change/activism talks
  • History talks
  • Cultural empowerment talks

Volunteerism can be a one-time opportunity or completed in 3-month long commitments in order to enhance the quality of Project Inspire operations and programming. Please email our Executive Director, Daphne Valcin at if you are interested in volunteering.

Request a Project Inspire workshop or workshop series

Project Inspire is committed to empowering youth and young adults through personal, educational, and professional oportunities using the arts as a gateway to achievement. Our workshops focus on various topics including performing arts, cultural empowerment and/or college and career preparation  for students ages 25 and under. To request a 1 time or weekly workshop series for your organization or school, email our Executive Director, Daphne Valcin at for more information!

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We our extremely grateful for our invaluable 2017 supporters!

Foundation-Building Funder – $200 and above

Bobby and Daphne Valcin
Kali Lindsey
Ketsia Joseph
Regis DeVeaux
Robert Crosby
Sally Nuamah
Shuyinthia Farley-Hembry
Sonny Arre
Stephanie Whitehead

Empowering Funder – $100 and above

Beverly Thompson
Ciarra Joyner
Christophoros Beck
Damian Daley
Jamoral Twine
Lynnci Barnes
Vivanne Pearson

Inspirational Funder – $50 and above

Aaron Rodgers
Cathy Francois
Chevonne Hall
Cheri Leigh Erasmus
Deborah Richelieu
Dominique Crosby
Guy Bury
Helena Sturdivant
Herce Remilien
Isema Capricien
Ivanna Goldsberry
Judith Fletcher
Kali Lindsey
Lynette Nelson
Michael Herring
Michael Swinton
Montavious Carson
Nerlaine Thomas
Nicola Brown
Sally Nuamah
Schevon Salmon
Sebastian Singh
Shaakira Raheem
Stephanie Hairston
Suntrell Butler
Suze Guillaume
William Bennett

Silver Funder

Andra Barnes
Angele Montfort
Bernadette Brawner
Brittney Smith
Carl Fortune
Christina Eury
Christopher Jarrett
Clarice Redding
Devin Gladden
Elda Auxiliaire
Ethel Johnson
Evelyn Onyejuruwa
Funmi Olorunnipa
Jacques Clervil
Janay Turner
Jensen Mondesir
Jocelyn Bailey
Jude Charles
Kendall Myles
Kezia Williams
Nathaniel Thomas
Nenelwa Tomi
Patricia Lafontant
Paulette Walker
Richard Ezike
Rachael Fortune
Rodney Elam
Santra Denis
Sara Elysee
Shani Bennett
Shannon McNeal
Shonda Goward

We thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure that every child has what he or she needs to excel.