Inspiration / Scholarship Program

Introducing you to Anne Louis, our amazing final scholarship recipient!

In this article, are hoping to inspire you with our notes from an interview that our 2014 scholarship recipient Timothy Hill, facilitated with our most recent and final 2020 recipient, Anne Louis. Anne has a heart of gold and is hard-working, service-oriented, and committed to being successful. We’re so glad to have her as the final addition to our long line of scholarship recipients. 

Anne graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School in South Florida. She is currently completing an Associate of Arts with a Business Management & Operations track at Miami-Dade College. While managing studies, Anne also works for Bank of America as a Relationship Banker. 

Check out the content of our interview below:

How were you introduced to Project inspire and the scholarship program?

I was introduced to Project Inspire through my participation in Breakthrough Miami during my junior year in high school. That is where I met Daphne Valcin as she served as a mentor and speaker within the program, and I was a student volunteer. I was also later re-introduced to Project Inspire through one of my high school teachers. 

Is there anything that Project Inspire has taught you?

I am extremely thankful for everything I have learned through Project Inspire. One of the most important things I have learned is how to navigate and plan for my future. The Professional Development calls that Project Inspire regularly provides have also helped me with many things including managing money most effectively and building my professional brand. These topics are simply not discussed in high school or college classrooms, and I would not have received this information if it wasn’t for Project Inspire.

What recent community service opportunities have you participated in before or throughout college?

I have recently served as a Teaching Fellow for Breakthrough Miami, working with 6th-grade students and providing math assistance to them. This opportunity requires teaching students two Saturdays out of the month. Additionally, I have served in internship roles for the Year Up Program and have learned so much about career development and business opportunities through all of these programs.

What is something you love about being in school at Miami Dade College?

I love the flexibility of the coursework. Online classes allow the opportunity to learn the material, meet with professors, be close to home, and still work at Bank of America.  

Advice for future college students?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Embrace your college journey, and each day as it comes. Many people want to see you succeed in your journey. Don’t give up.

What would you like to tell our funders?
I never thought I would have the opportunity to go to college as an individual with Temporary Protected Status who does not receive government funding or financial aid. Thank you for the opportunity to be a Project Inspire Scholarship Recipient. I could not be involved in school without this scholarship. I have learned so much about life beyond my college studies through Project Inspire. Additionally, Project Inspire invests so much in student potential and growth, and I am so grateful to all the Board of Directors. I know that I can contact them if I ever need help.

We hope you found this interview as inspiring as we did!

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