Scholarship Program

Meet Belema Josiah, our 2019 Project Inspire Scholarship Winner


A few weeks ago, Project Inspire brought together a number of community leaders and professionals in Washington, D.C. to spend hours reviewing the scholarship essays, resumes, and recommendation letters for our scholarship finalists! Belema Josiah, graduate of North Miami Beach Senior High School, is our final Project Inspire Scholarship winner! We are awarding her with a $250 scholarship stipend every fall and semester of her first four years of college for a total of $2,000 in scholarships, along with mentorship, professional development, and additional resources to help her thrive!

Here are a few of Belema‘s accolades:
1. 2016 Superior Rated Ensemble District Thespian event
2. 2017 Excellent Rated Solo Musical District Thespian event
3. 2018 Superior Rated Playwriting District Thespian event
4. 2018 Superior Rated Solo Musical District Thespian event
5. 2018 Superior Rated  Pantomime District Thespian event
6. 2019 Superior Rated Playwriting State Thespian Competitions
7. 2019 Superior Rated College Audition State Thespian Competitions
8. 2019 Superior Rated Solo Musical State Thespian Competitions
9. 2019 Superior Rated Pantomime State Thespian Competitions
10. 2017 11th grade 1st place Sprayregan foundation poetry contest
11. North Miami Beach Sr. High Voted Most Talented
12. North Miami Beach Sr. High Voted Prom Queen
13. 2nd Place ECW scholarship recipient
14. Posse Finalist
15. Silver Knights Nominee

What an amazing choice to represent our organization!

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