Scholarship Program

Part 2 of our Scholarship Recipient Updates

This is part 2 of our update on a few of our scholarship recipients who are currently enrolled in colleges around the country. We asked our recipients what was one of the things that they were most proud of lately when it comes to their college experience, and this is what they said:


KeAsiah McLaughlin, Fourth-Year Student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, Major – Journalism and Mass Communications
One thing I am proud of learning this semester is that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. I have wanted to go to medical school for a while now, but I did not think that I was about to pursue it, because I am a journalism major. However, I did research, and I am able to apply. I feel excited to have options, and I have been working hard to be a great candidate for medical school.

Ashley Morissette, Second-Year Student at Miami Dade College, Major – Biology
Looking back at far I have come, I am so proud of how well my studying habits have improved this semester. I regularly plan my day around a few hours of studying not only for the exams but to actually learn the material. I think that was the hardest but most necessary change for me this semester. I am determined to finish strong! 

Gabriella Pierre, Fourth-Year Student at University of Central Florida, Major – English Language Arts Education with a minor in Nonprofit Management
I am most proud of my experience as a leader across campus in my role as a President’s Leadership Council member. I look forward to graduating in May and soon after, going to grad school! 

Raianna Canaday, First-Year Student at Virginia Commonwealth University, Major -Theatre/ Performance 
So far, I have blossomed as a performer. I have learned how to perform with a sense of ease. Being at VCU has challenged me as a performer and made me want to keep doing my best so I can be the best. Besides hassle with financial aid, everything is fine. My grades are superb and I feel like I can thrive here at VCU. 


Thank you for reading about our amazing Project Inspire scholarship recipients and for the positive thoughts you send our way as we continue to do great work for the youth we serve!

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