About Project Inspire / Scholarship Program

Check out what our scholarship recipients are up to! (Part 1)

Our recipients are doing amazing things on college campuses around the country. Check out updates from a few of our students who are currently enrolled in college who are being supported by our scholarship program, and look out for part 2 of these updates coming in a few weeks. We asked our recipients one of the things that they were most proud of lately when it comes to their college experience, and this is what they said:


Rodnise Cinmelus, First-Year Student at Georgia State University, Major – Undeclared in Nursing and Health Professions
When it comes to this semester, I am proud of myself for making good grades on my assignments and keeping up with due dates because I have become more organized and structured throughout my time in college!

Catisha Joseph, Fourth-Year Student at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Major – Public Relations
I’m proud of my recent internship with Bliss Consulting Services, Inc. because it allowed me to get hands-on experience in public relations, marketing, and event planning. During that internship, I was able to discover my desired area of focus in Public Relations and the direction I will like to take in my Public Relation career

Kedrine Gayle, First-Year Student at University of South Florida, Major – Pre-Nursing
The college experience, so far, has been quite indescribable! The road to self-discovery is quite unpredictable. Through Federal Work-Study, I was able to get a job at the Center for Student Involvement. I am proud that I have managed to get a job which aligns with my purpose and passion for advocacy and leadership. 


Thank you for reading about our amazing Project Inspire scholarship recipients! Look out for Part 2 of this update to learn more about a few more of our amazing recipients!

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