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Project Inspire Recipient Spotlight: Catisha Joseph

Project Inspire Scholarship Recipient Spotlight
Catisha Joseph – Third-Year Student at Florida A&M University


Below, learn more about, Catisha Joseph, a third-year student at Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Project Inspire Scholarship Recipient looking to blaze a path to success through her college journey. You’ll find out more about what she’s up to at FAMU below:

This semester, what organizations are you currently involved in on campus?
I’m currently involved in Women of Standard, a community service-based organization, and Journey Magazine, which is Florida A&M’s student-run magazine. I am also the treasurer for Images Modeling Troupe, Inc.

What community service have you participated in this semester?
I have provided administrative work for a youth basketball team. Reach One Elite Youth Sports, and volunteer at Dare to Dream Young Girls, mentoring and tutoring girls between the ages of 7-17.

What is one awesome thing you love about college (and maybe even your college specifically)?
There are many opportunities my university offers to students in order for students to succeed in their major. These opportunities, such as internal internships, outside internships with multiple partner companies, scholarships, extensive training, workshops and more, grant all students with developmental growth and real-world experiences. Additionally, these opportunities have allowed students like me to obtain skills that place us head-to-head with students from larger universities while allowing us the capacity to come out on top.

What would you like to tell our funders?
Thank you again for granting me this scholarship. I’m truly appreciative of the support I have received from the Project Inspire staff and funders. I will continue to work hard and make each of you proud!!!


Thank you for reading about our amazing Project Inspire scholarship recipient, and expect more great updates about our Project Inspire Scholarship recipients to come!

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