Scholarship Program

Meet Project Inspire’s 2017 Scholarship Recipient, Daphka Monde



Meet Daphka Monde, one of our 2017 scholarship recipients! She recently graduated from Maynard Evans High School, and is going to attend Valencia College in the hopes of transferring to an out-of-state 4-year-university to pursue her human resources career! We are providing Ashley with a $2,000 scholarship that she will receive through disbursements each fall and spring semester of college for 4 years!

See some excerpts from Daphka’s scholarship application materials below:



Please tell us about yourself and your goals for the future.

I will be the first person in my immediate family to graduate and attend college. After graduation, I plan to attend FSU or Valencia college in pursuit of a Human Resource Management degree. I also plan to work part-time while in college. I hope to organize and fund an organization, similar to this program, supporting youth mentorship.

What is the purpose of this program in your own words?

The purpose of the Daphne L. Valcin Scholarship for Creative Minds and Young Leaders program is to promote leadership skills among students. The main goal is to promote responsibility, adaptability, and resiliency. This scholarship program will help students navigate their interests and build connections. This program will ensure creativity and productivity among chosen students.

Why are you choosing to go to college?

I am choosing to go to college because I want to further my education and enrich my life. College will intellectually and academically prepare me for the workforce. Attending college will help expand my knowledge and experience. Another reason why I am choosing to go to college is I want to set an inspiring example for younger generations and serve as a role model for those who are looking forward to pursuing a college degree. Obtaining a college degree would provide me with financial independence and freedom. Socially, college will allow me to expand my comfort zones and build essential connections. College will grant me access to more options and opportunities and with that access, I can put my skills into practice with experience and a professional degree.


The world can be a challenging and sometimes scary place.  There will be many times the easier route (choice/decision/option) will not allow you to reach your full potential financially (work), emotionally (relationships), and even spiritually (in ethics and character). Why, in such a challenging atmosphere, do you deserve to succeed?  How do you represent the fact that you’re striving to be better and do better?

I deserve to succeed because I do not accept failure. I have encountered many obstacles but being the persistent person that I am, I continue to persevere. Personally, it is not an option to lose hope and fail altogether. I represent the fact that I am striving to be better and do better by seizing every opportunity that has been presented to me.


If you’re impressed with Daphka’s accomplishments and powerful words, we can totally understand. We are too! And you can support her in a practical way. Please support our efforts to raise funds for Daphka and our other scholarship recipients at

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