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Meet 2017 Project Inspire Scholarship Recipient, Ashley Morrissette



Meet Ashley Morrissette, one of our 2017 scholarship recipients! She recently graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School, and is going to attend Miami Dade College in the hopes of transferring to an out-of-state 4-year-university and then dental school to pursue her dental career! We are providing Ashley with a $2,000 scholarship that she will receive through disbursements each fall and spring semester of college for 4 years!

See some excerpts from Ashley’s scholarship application materials below:

Please tell us about yourself and your goals for the future.

Knowing that my purpose is beyond me, I will inspire others through my talent. With my respected artistic platform, I spread positivity while embracing imperfections. That has granted me the insight of different perspectives on life, only striving to reconstruct and redefine the image of a black woman in my community.

Throughout the years, I have joined several clubs and organizations where my mentors taught me how to demonstrate a leadership role. Some of the clubs are Girls Educated and Motivated for Success (GEMS), College Summit and dancing for The Sassy Sapphires. I am a part of the Biomedical and Environmental Advanced Magnet program (BEAM) because of my interest in the health department. During the course of this program, I had the chance to intern at a Dental office throughout my high school career. I strive to bring a memorable culture to North Miami Beach through my talents, academics, and networks. My goal is to major in Biology and minor in Business. I plan to become a Dentist and open my own practice.

What is the purpose of this program in your own words?

I believe that the purpose of this program is to uplift, promote, and encourage today’s youth. Any scholarship can reward an ideal candidate(s) funds for their financial needs. But this scholarship is associated with a program to ensure that the Daphne L. Valcin recipients stay on the right track. For example, this program prepares recipients for real the world and motivates us to influence our society.

Why are you choosing to go to college?

I am choosing to go to college because my parents never had the chance to further their education as much as they intended on doing so. My parents were born and raised in Haiti but moved to the United States of America in hopes of a better future for all five of their children. Language barriers and funds played a part in their personal challenges but the two always encouraged my brother and sisters to be successful. I am blessed to have the emotional support from my family in my decision to further my education but unfortunately, I do not have the financial support. Given that I am a piece of all things society lives to ridicule, this has only had my thirst for education grow stronger. I will not let anything stop me from my dreams and making my loved ones proud.

Why are confidence and etiquette important according to the videos we had you watch?

Confidence is being proud in your own skin and being able to believe in one’s self. The content in this video gave insight on how confidence and proper etiquette can aid in prospering in a professional setting or even an informal setting. It shows personality in a distinct way that can show those around you why you’re unique. Confidence is a skill learned and mastered because with the many social norms we are faced with every day, it applies pressure which makes it difficult to maintain confidence. So confidence is a protective shell that protects us from these pressures and shows how one can face problems or any situation at hand. Proper etiquette portrays one’s ability to be formal and professional which can greatly help my future when I’m challenged in a professional setting. It helps build relationships with people at a school, work, or business environment and this can help build my academic and professional career positively in the future.

The world can be a challenging and sometimes scary place.  There will be many times the easier route (choice/decision/option) will not allow you to reach your full potential financially (work), emotionally (relationships), and even spiritually (in ethics and character). Why, in such a challenging atmosphere, do you deserve to succeed?  How do you represent the fact that you’re striving to be better and do better?

I feel I deserve to succeed because it’s more of a priority than a goal. My sense of morality pushes me to be successful in order to live life comfortably emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Taking a much easier route isn’t always the best route because one won’t be able to fulfill everything that is set to be accomplished. An easier route doesn’t provide as many opportunities as taking a much more difficult route that you can ultimately learn and grow from throughout your journey. No matter how challenging the atmosphere may be, the road to success makes you understand why is called success. All good things don’t come easy and that’s the beauty in accomplishing what you define as success.


If you’re impressed with Ashley’s accomplishments and powerful words, we can totally understand. We are too! And you can support her in a practical way. Please support our efforts to raise funds for Ashley and our other scholarship recipients at

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